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The Stocknod neural network can be categorized as discretionary swing trading software. The Stocknod software uses a proprietary blend of both technical’s and fundamental stock analysis. While the majority of professional swing traders use solely technical analysis, uses a proprietary blend of the Midas algorithm – pricing strategy that seeks out overbought and oversold conditions.

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Our staff stock picking system coupled with a proven technical analysis algorithm has proven to be an extremely profitable investment tool that identify stocks that are priced lower than their true worth- hidden gems that are under appreciated by the market. This stock market trend analysis aims for good companies at great prices for value investors- a smooth ride with solid growth. The Stocknod Hotsheet picks blends the Stocknod neural ranking with fundamental analysis for pinpoint investment timing.

Stock Market Trend Analysis
Our stock screening and chart pattern experts comb through the best stock picks identified from our neural network software. This data is then examined independently by the Stocknod staff, examining more than 100 chart patterns every day to find the right stocks at exactly the right times.

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A revolutionary way to stay connected to the market and visualize the most profitable trades. Stay ahead of the curve with precision alerts from the StockNod neural network. provides the only automated stock analysis software on the market today. The Stocknod neural network does your technical homework for you and alerts on trades poised to move. Upload your stock symbols today and get plugged into the technical analysis you need to start trading with confidence.

Stock alerts allow you stay connected to the perpetual moving markets. Value is in information and Stocknod alerts provide this information with an automated software algorithm of over 20 fundamental and technical stock trading metrics. does the home work for you and you receive stock alerts for every profitable move. Don’t miss a trade and starting maximizing your upside with Stocknod stock alerts.

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Fundamental Stock Market Analysis- Our staff believes that when you buy a share of stock you are buying a proportional share in a business. As a consequence, to figure out how much the stock is worth, you should determine how much the business is worth. Investors generally do this by assessing the company’s financial’s in terms of per-share values in order to calculate how much the proportional share of the business is worth. This is known as “fundamental” analysis by some, and most who use it view it as the only kind of rational stock analysis.

Technical Stock Market Analysis- What would you do if you truly believed that all information about publicly traded companies was efficiently distributed and that nobody could get an edge on anyone else by either understanding the business or analyzing the numbers? You might consider simply giving up on beating the market’s returns by buying an index fund. Some investors have taken an alternate route to find this technical stock analysis. There are several technical analysis software programs available, but all require a steep learning curve and long hours of tedious homework.

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