Stock Buy and Sell Signals

There is money to be made in any stock. The trick is knowing when to Buy and when to Sell. StockNod’s Chart Pattern Stock Alerts help investors know when to buy and sell by alerting investors via email when and particular chart pattern has formed.

Want an email alert when your stock is in a new uptrend or downtrend? How about when the 50 day moving average crosses over the 200 day? Better yet, wouldn’t it be nice to get an alert when the money flow into your stock is starting to improve? These are just a few examples of how our stock alerts can make you a more informed trader.

Simply signup, add your stock tickers (up to 50), and let the StockNod monitor your stocks trading patterns. StockNod will send you an email stock alert when your stocks exhibit any of the trading patterns below. You can customize which indicators you want to be alerted on. It’s like having a personal assistant monitor your stocks 24/7. Start trading like a Pro!

No software to download. No learning curve. Stocknod offers automated technical analysis in an easy to use email alert format. Don’t miss another trade.

Stocknod is a revolutionary way for investors to stay connected to their stocks by providing critical stock alerts on key trading indicators and stock chart patterns. Stocknod alerts allows investors to customize their stock watchlist and begin receiving alerts when their stocks exibit key technical indicator trading patterns. Use StockNod for making better, more informed investment decisions, or simply as a stock education tool. Either way, StockNod enables investors to to make timely decisions on stocks they own. Stock alerts allow you stay connected to the perpetual moving markets and maximize profits. Don’t miss another trade. Start getting the key information you need to be successful.