Stock Technical Analysis

Swing traders rely heavily on stock technical analysis: the art and science of trading securities based on chart patterns and technical indicators. But it’s easy to get lost in the world of technical analysis given how many different chart patterns and indicators exist. When should you use one indicator over the other ones? How do you know the difference between analysis and just noise in the market. Stock technical analysis can be very difficult and very time consuming and the goal of technical analysis to to determine the peaks and values of short term trades. Devoid of calculations, reading, or other time-intensive research, technical analysis allows a swing trader to examine any security – be it stock, commodity, currency, or something else – and make a decision on its likely short-term direction. The technical analysis and technical indicators are automated with swing trading software that is used to make these calculations on the fly. To be successful in today’s markets you need superior trading software with superior market timing. This is why has become the #1 prospecting tool for swing traders. Stocknod alerts provide superior trading analysis with superior market timing and the best part is that it is all automated. Stocknod alerts have truly leveled the playing field for technical analysis of stock market.

Stock Technical Analysis – Stocknod’s Superior Charting

Stocknod Alerts and Hotsheet both use a clearly defined approach to technical analysis, utilizing a combination of charting techniques. Stocknod is the only stock trading system software offering superior technical’s that is designed toTrade the Moves. By automating superior stock technical analysis, Stocknod gives you the power to make decisions fast! Market timing is everything in swing trading and no other software gives you real trading Signals with all of the supporting information automatically displayed for you making Stocknod a must have for swing traders.

The critical indicators are specific chart formations that show certain price movements at times when trading volume is at a certain level. Stocknod analysis uses a variety of charting procedures to identify these price movements. The largest value indicator charts include trix, moving average, point and figure charts, logarithmic charts, and other Stocknod proprietary charting models.

Stocknod Alerts & Hotsheet Picks – Doing What Works

The swing trader who relies on fundamental analysis, or a swing trader than wants to know what line of business a company is in, whether its earnings, and what those earnings expectations are. The swing trader using fundamental stock analytics isn’t interested in every detail of a company’s balance sheet. After all, if you’re looking at trading stocks of ten companies in the coming week, you don’t have the time to read those companies’ annual reports cover to cover. Instead, a high-level overview is enough. Intricate modeling in Excel, though useful isn’t practical for a swing trader who buys and sells stocks over a period of just a few days.

Technical analysis doesn’t require nearly as much work as fundamental analysis. A fundamental analyst has more variables to deal with and more calculations to computer. To analyze a firm, a fundamental analyst must understand the dynamics of the firm’s industry, its competitors, its cost structure, its management team, and other factors.

Trading decisions based on fundamental analysis takes more time to play out than those based on technical analysis. A company may be deeply undervalued relative to the market and its industry, but being undervalued doesn’t necessarily mean shares will rise tomorrow or the day after. Some companies’ shares stay undervalued for weeks, months, or even years. That’s why long-term investors rely so heavily on fundamental analysis and why here at StockNod we only bake in a a small component of fundamentals in our proprietary algorithms.

Many novice investors, lulled by the apparently easy casino-like gains possible in trading, tend to lose a lot of money before they realize that when there are thousands of other traders out there looking for the same things, it is often those who are fastest, have the most experience, and own the best equipment that make money – normally not the people just starting out. With Stocknod Alerts you will be able to make these decisions fast and stay ahead of the trading curve. All traders emphasize that successful trading requires careful attention, discipline, and a lot of work, but with automated technical stock analysis you can gain instant access to this critical data without all of the long hours in front of your computer. Stocknod alerts will alert you automatically as to the trading personality of your stock’s and notify you via sms or email when to exit a market.

Value of Stocknod Technical Analysis. The only stock trading software designed to help you make money no matter what the market is doing. By automating superior technical analysis of the stock market, Stocknod Alerts and Hotsheet gives you the power to make decisions fast! These Signals are seamlessly combined with unique confirmation tools making it easy to pinpoint the opportune times to enter and exit markets. The best thing about Stocknod technical analysis is that it is completely automated. Stocknod allows you to focus on your trading without countless hours running and monitoring stock trading software. And most importantly Stocknod stock technical analysis has been providing amazingly accurate buy sell signals.

Fundamental Stock Market Analysis- Fundamentals are typically more closely tied to buy and hold investors, whereby day traders use solely technical analysis and most swing traders use both fundamental and technical stock analysis. Technical analysis is a particularly important for swing traders with a very short time horizon (that is, a couple of days or just a few weeks). Most swing trading software uses only technical analysis but the Stocknod neural network uses a custom recipe of technical’s that are also supported by strong fundamentals. Stocknod analysis can be categorized as discretionary in nature meaning both technical’s and fundamental analysis are used for technical analysis of stock markets. The Stocknod neural network is mechanical based on both automated analysis types.